When to Buy Oil

Welcome back guys. Today we are going to actually get into a little stock talk. Specifically OIL. Finally huh? Well today oil is right around $36 per share. One of the lowest price points for oil since 2008. What does that mean for you guys? Well it depends. For me specifically it means buy. I KNOW with the track record of oil it will be going up eventually. And when it does go it will be a nice gain. Will it be immediate? No. Supply and Demand doesn’t make $20 gains over night. BUT slowly but surely supply will begin to decrease and demand will increase causing OIL to spike.

There are quite a few stocks that very closely mimic OIL that can be purchased for dirt cheap right now. One in particular is LNCO which is considered a penny stock with how cheap it really is. Say what I can buy OIL for cheap? Yep, that’s what I’m saying. LNCO is right at a dollar and has been falling with OIL. Both of them have been side by side through this tough patch.

Now this stock may not be the strongest when it comes to the balance sheet, but trust me when I say that when OIL Peaks, so will LNCO. Mark our word. We actually just purchased some shares today. When this oil boom will come

is completely up in the air and for anyone to give you an exact estimate is idiotic. What we know is that if history keeps up then oil will take off eventually. It may be another year, or two or maybe even three, but just know better days are coming.

What are your thoughts on our recommendations? Do you agree, or disagree? Send us your thoughts at admin@peakoilwhen.org or in a comment below. We look forward to hearing about your feedback. For all of our oil lovers out there, stay strong. Our day is coming.