Diversify Your Money

Welcome back and Happy New Year readers! We want to take a second a highlight a new and upcoming company in which we have invested some of our own time and money in. Some of you may be a bit taken back by the complete flip flop this might sound like. Especially for a company who is all about stocks and OIL primarily.

This company was started by a good friend of ours and we wanted to get his info out for the world to see.

This is a sports coaching company that provides detailed instruction and feedback for kickers, and punters as young as nine years old and up to pros in the NFL! The Kicking Unit runs kicking camps and kicking lessons in Texas and is open to all skill levels. They are based out of Dallas, Texas but regularly travel to Houston, Austin, and surrounded states. Be sure to check out their Inaugural dallas kicking camps in 2016!

We know what you’re thinking.

Why are you invested in this?

Well, the answer is primarily because of how unique it is. How many companies do you know like this?

They are tapping on a brand new industries door that could blow up!

What does that mean for an investor?

A quick ROE.

That’s what it’s all about ain’t it?

Put some money in and be able to retrieve that money in the shortest amount of time possible. Hint why we day trade oil so much.

Though these are two completely different industries, they are still somewhat similar.

They both have endless possibilities, they both are niche markets, and return on equity is imminent.

We at Peak Oil highly recommend to make a few investments in startups similar to this to help diversify your funds. Having your money in nothing but the stock market is actually pretty risky if you think of it. While if you have money in both stocks and actual companies investment funds you have one or the other if one falls off or tanks.

How many of you are invested in companies outside of the stock market? We want to hear your experiences.

Leave a comment below!

When to Buy Oil

Welcome back guys. Today we are going to actually get into a little stock talk. Specifically OIL. Finally huh? Well today oil is right around $36 per share. One of the lowest price points for oil since 2008. What does that mean for you guys? Well it depends. For me specifically it means buy. I KNOW with the track record of oil it will be going up eventually. And when it does go it will be a nice gain. Will it be immediate? No. Supply and Demand doesn’t make $20 gains over night. BUT slowly but surely supply will begin to decrease and demand will increase causing OIL to spike.

There are quite a few stocks that very closely mimic OIL that can be purchased for dirt cheap right now. One in particular is LNCO which is considered a penny stock with how cheap it really is. Say what I can buy OIL for cheap? Yep, that’s what I’m saying. LNCO is right at a dollar and has been falling with OIL. Both of them have been side by side through this tough patch.

Now this stock may not be the strongest when it comes to the balance sheet, but trust me when I say that when OIL Peaks, so will LNCO. Mark our word. We actually just purchased some shares today. When this oil boom will come Continue reading “When to Buy Oil”

Best Wishes to Those Affected


So typically we are all about investing making money and helping our readers succeed in business, but today we need to take a step back. We need to be thankful for everything we have. Our family, friends, a house and roof over our head. A car to get from point A to B. Food whenever we want. I feel sometimes we take this for granted and in the blink of an eye all of this could be erased from our lives.

After seeing all of the heartbreaking damage and losses that came from this past week’s storms in Texas, I felt the time for this post was imminent. We are praying for all of the families affected by the mammoth of a storm that destroyed portions of the City of Rowlett.

Absolutely unreal to see what Mother Nature can do in no time at all. It’s also eerie to see how helpless a storm like that can make people feel. There is no way around those types of tornadoes. If you are hit by it, you are destroyed effortlessly. Anything and everything in the path of the storm are wiped out.

Where do people in the cities affected go from here? Do they back down, and move away? Or do they come together and rebuild as a community?

For most small towns the bond between citizens is extremely prominent. While some may move away, more than 75% rebuild in the same city, on the same street, and even on the same plot of land. Why? To show they aren’t scared? To prove someone wrong? No for them it’s much greater than that.

For them it’s to show that they can handle ANY setbacks that come their way.

Some of from Peak Oil visited the damaged zones of Rowlett and were really taken back by what we saw.

Yes we saw plowed through houses, but what we saw more than anything were bands of the community coming together. Law enforcement and fire rescue crews from all over Texas joining teams to help a city in need.

We must admit, seeing the damage of a storm on TV is one thing but seeing it up close in personal is a completely different ball game. Seeing the raw emotion upfront and personal is breathtaking.

Our condolences and thoughts go out to everyone involved in the storms. May you all find the strength that we all know you have to rebuild and to bypass all the adversity that has been thrown in your path.

The Time is Now

cropped-cropped-oil-2.jpgWelcome and thanks for checking out Peak Oil When. Not only are we all about investing in oil, we are all about any new hot stocks, and private companies that allow investors. We are all about making money and helping others earn big digits. At the end of the day that’s what the world is all about and that’s why we are here to make that happen for you.

Is money everything? Depends who you ask. Asking us we will always say yes.

Continue reading “The Time is Now”